How is the corona virus transmitted?

The main transmission of COVID-19 takes place via droplet infections. (CDC 2020; Wu et al. 2020) There is no evidence that aerosol transmission takes place. Transmission through smear infections is possible. It is not yet known what role these play, but COVID-19 positive PCR stool samples have been identified more frequently. (Xiao et al. 2020; Zhang et al. 2020b; Guan et al. 2020) Viruses must be able to reproduce in order to be infected via stool. This was confirmed in a study, but the data indicate that detection is rarely successful. (Wang et al. 2020a) In a few COVID-19 positive patients with pneumonia, conjunctival samples were also PCR positive. Accordingly, conjunctives can also be seen as a gateway. (Zhou et al. 2020) Vertical transmission from an infected mother to her child (before, during or after birth) has so far not been demonstrated. (Zhang et al. 2020b; Wang et al. 2020c; Chen et al. 2020b; Chen et al. 2020a; Zhu et al. 2020; Zhang et al. 2020a)

Why is there a recommendation for wearing a mask?

A textile barrier or mouth and nose protection can be used to trap droplets that get into the air when speaking, coughing or sneezing. This reduces the risk of infecting another person (third-party protection). There is still no scientific evidence that a mask also increases self-protection. (Robert Koch Institute 2020)

How does the AFRIMASK protect?

The AFRIMASK is primarily used to avoid infecting others. Simple nose and mouth covers or breathing masks do not offer 100 percent protection, but they reduce the risk of infection with the virus. The aim is to prevent the virus from being excreted by exhaling, and thus to prevent transmission to other people. In order to be protected as well as possible, care must be taken to ensure that the mask fits perfectly. (Federal Ministry of Education and Research 2020) The denser the filter material, the higher the protective effect. We therefore recommend cleaning the AFRIMASK at 60 ° C with a full detergent in the washing machine (in the laundry network) or at 60 ° C with detergent in the dishwasher.

How can a used AFRIMASK be cleaned?

COVID-19 viruses are enveloped viruses that are surrounded by a lipid layer (fat layer). For this reason, they are sensitive to fat-dissolving substances (alcohols, surfactants). Scientific data for COVID-19 are not yet available, however it is assumed that substances such as degreasing agents in soaps or dishwashing detergents damage the virus surface and thus inactivate the virus. (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment 2020).

How many AFRIMASKS do you need per person?

We recommend three AFRIMASKS for each person. You have a breathing mask in use, one is being cleaned or dried and you have a breathing mask as a reserve.

When should I wear the AFRIMASK?

You should wear the AFRIMASK when shopping in the supermarket, at work, on public transport or when walking through public areas. In addition, you should of course wear the AFRIMASK wherever you can come into close contact with people. We are convinced that the more people who wear AFRIMASKS, the faster we will defeat the corona pandemic.

Is the AFRIMASK comfortable to wear?

The AFRIMASK is made of a soft, skin-friendly plastic. Even in the event of a fall, for example when cycling, there is no risk of injury because the material is soft and does not break.

In contrast to fabric masks, for example, the AFRIMASK only lies on the edge of the face. The filter material, which becomes moist due to the breathing air, does not lie on the skin, but is always at a slight distance.

Depending on the filter material inserted, it can of course get a little warmer under the breathing mask. We found the breathing mask to be very comfortable even when wearing it for a long time.

Is the AFRIMASK also suitable for people who wear glasses?

Depending on the size and fit of the glasses, the warm breathing air can cause the glasses to fog up. We therefore offer a model with a nose piece for eyeglass wearers. With the help of the nose piece, an optimal adaptation to the shape of the face can be carried out, so that hardly any breathing air escapes upwards.

Is the AFRIMASK available in different sizes?

No, but the flexible nature of the mask alows for its use on different size faces from youg childeren to different size adult faces.

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