The word panorama means having a bird's eye view over something.

We're an event planning company and the most important aspect of what we do is having complete control over all aspects of your event, from a bird's eye perspective.

Except we do it all with a bit of DRAMA!


I remember watching “The Wedding Planner” when I was around 11 years old and being extremely fascinated with the idea of helping someone plan their wedding, tying up all the loose ends, making someone’s dream a reality!

So right after graduation, I got a couple of years of experience in event companies. In April 2013 I took up my first independent planning project, and there has been no looking back!
I cannot imagine myself doing anything else, and the joy that I get, after completing each wedding and seeing the happiness on the families’ faces, hasn’t changed since that first ever wedding!

Mallika Agrawal


A post-graduate in Marketing, I dabbled in the corporate industry for a few years before I realised my heart lies in being an entrepreneur.

Working at several international corporate events gave me reason to believe that event planning would be the right fix for me, which urged me to join forces with my sister!

Panodrama gave me the perfect platform to associate with clients during intimate moments of their lives to passionately plan their events, give form to their dreams and create lifelong memories.

Tulika Agrawal