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With a focus on weddings, we plan all events including corporate get-togethers, school reunions, festive parties, etc. We not only plan an event from A to Z but also help get the best deals with vendors, help with vendor coordination before and during events, hospitality, transport coordination and also add a personal touch during the events.

Panorama means having a birds eye view over something. Since we're an event planning company, the most important aspect of what we do is having complete control over all aspects of the event from a birds eye perspective. Except we do it with a bit of Drama! So we do the planning and coordination but with a bit of fun!

Weddings can be a stressful time for the family. An important aspect is to get vendors at a good rate, and not get fleeced in the process. In most cases, there are outstation guests, which makes hospitality and their transport coordination key. A personal touch to the wedding is important too as that is what people remember a wedding for.

This is where we step in as wedding planners :) We aim to take all the stress away, so that you and your family can enjoy the perfect wedding and leave all the work and coordination to our team. We become an extension to your family, looking after each detail and requirement closely. To back us, we have a rather young and eager team, with a lot of new exciting ideas to make the whole wedding more enjoyable and personalised while helping you keep within your budgets. Once on board, we are with you from beginning to end.

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